He only stays a bit longer before he decides to give in and follow his little sister. Not far thru the dense forest he hears his sister scream. He runs! I mean… he ROLLS to her rescue as fast as he can. He gets to an opening and sees his sister dolly on the ground… yeah a doll (I’m making some of this up as I type so bear with me). 
He grabs for it and looks around frightened. Then his big sister, er I mean little sister jumps out and scares him! Classic right? Bet you didn’t see that coming lol. So blah blah blah they start going back then are attacked by some prisoners who have recently escaped. There was a prison rodeo where they were incarcerated and they saw an opportunity to escape by attacking rodeo clowns and stealing their uniforms (I know, I think they did this in Stir Crazy with Pryor and Wilder if I’m remembering correctly).
Anyway so they smack down the cripple and take the sister as hostage (they figure no one will pay for a cripple kid). Aydn wakes up later to a dog licking his face. This dog leads him to a creepy abandoned circus/carnival in the woods. The prisoners have decided to camp here until they figure out what to do with the girl. The dog will actually help him (later) reach places and objects in the game that he cannot access due to his wheelchair. 


Aydn Knight is a character I envisioned a long time ago back in my game development classes. He's a little limey bugger living in the U.K. pre-WWs or maybe in between the two big ones. He and his sister decide to take a short cut through the woods one evening even though Aydn insists it’s a bad idea and he could possible get stuck due to his crusty old wheelchair. She mocks him saying by telling him to take the long way if he’s scared and trots off thru the woods. Aydn, even though he’s crippled, has always considered himself as her guardian. Even though she insists that she would be better off without him because he’s “always ruining her fun” due to his lack of mobility.


He reaches the carnival and eventually finds it to be haunted. He spends the first half of the game running from ghosts or dodging the prisoners and their bobby traps. However some of the spirits (as he soon discovers) are actually trying to help him, while others are even more evil than the prisoners and that somehow their presence has awoken the darkness of the carnival/circus that is cursed for some reason. Maybe it’s on a burial ground. Idk.

AuthorGayle Childs