I won 3rd place for my adaptation of Dumb & Dumber in Santa Monica College's contest for

3D Modeling Reel. Everything was created by Gayle Childs. Rosie 3000 was inspired by the "Rosie" from the "Jetsons" cartoon.

Short animation project for class. Everything (except the prowler) was modeled, textured, animated and lit by Gayle Childs. The editing and audio design was also done by Gayle. The music, sound effects and foley were created by Andrew Kramer.

Charley was created by Gayle for a final assignment for a school project. All the assets were created by Gayle over a period of two semesters. The "Bob" model, was a class project created in the first semester. Chris Fria, the instructor at SMC's Academy of Entertainment Technology, is responsible for the original character design of "Bob". However, Gayle created, rigged, textured, and animated the model from scratch with the guidance of Chris.